Ready to Sweeten Up Your Pallet This Spring?

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Simple Ways to Improve Your Garden With Pallets

Here is a great guest post from John M. Potter

Serious gardeners know how to deal with problems. It’s rare that any gardener has perfect soil, perfect moisture, or perfect weather - outside of a greenhouse, that is. Most of us have to dig out rocks, add mulch or sand, fight off rabbits and other critters, and patiently water on hot days in order to reap the rewards of beauty or harvest. If you can’t work under somewhat challenging circumstances, gardening is not for you.

That’s why gardeners often have an eye for the potential of things. They see a community garden in an empty lot - and the neighbors, socializing, and learning together that goes along with that. They can look at a steep hill in a backyard and envision a lovely terraced flower garden blooming from May to October with perennials. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for gardeners to take on little projects to turn their second home into something more comfortable and convenient for working in.

One of the trends we’ve seen recently in gardening is upcycling. Because gardeners also tend to have an attachment to the earth, many of them try to find ways to recycle items that would otherwise end up in a landfill. This often results in a quirky personalized space full of treasures - silk purses from sows ears.

Pallets are a common material gardeners use because they are so ubiquitous. Pallets are used for transporting just about everything, and they’re constructed with wood that’s already in a useful rectangular shape. Because pallets can be gotten pretty easily for cheap or for free, they’re worth using if you’d like to make something beautiful or handy.

What are some good starter projects for gardeners? First, think about what you need. There’s no point in making anything if you won’t use it. Would it be handy to have a space to store pots and tools or would a table to clean vegetables be more helpful? Could a pallet help you to grow plants like lettuces or herbs vertically? Would you garden longer if you had cold frames? Would it make you smile to surround your garden with a decorative fence? There are many good tutorials online showing beginners the practical steps and things to consider when using pallet wood for projects and even more articles and Pinterest ideas about what is possible.

Before you bookmark 100 more sites, though, it’s always good to examine your goals. You might need a new challenge or a different creative outlet. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to work with wood, and this is an easy way to start. Or is it a priority to personalize your garden space? None of these are the wrong answer. All of them, or none, might be the right answer at some point in your lifetime. Just don’t let yourself get sidetracked and forget what you’re really outside to do: grow things in the earth.

Finally, don’t forget to revel in the feel of the dirty in your hands and the wind in your hair. Spring is for gardeners, and it’s finally here!