Are You Swimming With The Fish?

Photo courtesy of A Href via

One of the joys of having a fish pond goes beyond all the wildlife that visit and the plants that shower it with color during the summer months. A pond is all about growth as well. Every year I am delighted by the baby fish that spawn from the depths of the pond seemingly from nowhere. We started with 12 fish a few years back and our team is now in the thirties.

Last week I was having a bad day and wandered outside to feed the endless gaping fish mouths as they zoomed to the surface of the pond. The water was a bit murky after some heavy showers but the fish caused a bubbling of activity. Off to the side of the pond I saw a tiny single orange and white speck. It was a lone baby goldfish on a journey to find food as he was too tiny to eat the fish pellets. I watched him for a few minutes and was excited at my first sighting of new fish life this summer.

Little fish was busy on his own just doing his own thing which can be unusual for fish as they tend to school with others. He was fairly ignorant of his surroundings. At that moment I felt like that little guy. My bad mood caused me to feel alone and away from the group on a journey of my own pursuing my interests and goals, not really knowing where I was headed. I didn’t know what life will bring or who will be brought into my life to swim with me.

 I think that we all feel like this at times. We feel that no one understands us or “gets” why we are on a particular path. Our choices seem crazy to others as they swim off in a different direction. To us, they seem to be moving blind while we probably look like the sole rogue fish in the pond to them. As I stood at the edge of the pond the little fish popped out of sight. I turned and smiled because although he may have seemed lonely, he was also independent and venturing out on his own to learn more about his world and to seek meaning. My day quickly brightened as it always does when I am in the garden. I understood the journey the fish was on and how lucky was to be alone and making his own waves.

The next day I went to visit the fish and was greeted by several new baby fish friends. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw so many! My little friend was schooling with the group right in the middle of the pack and they were quickly learning that when the human walks up, dinner is served. It was delightful to see that my tiny friend was strong enough to be on his own yet easily assimilated and was accepted by the group. There is nothing like seeing new life spring up from the pond and surrounding garden.

As I watched the group glided through the pond nibbling away (or trying in some cases!) I reflected. Initially, the day before I felt isolated like the tiny fish in the pond. Guess what? It’s not a negative to feel alone or be on your path. It’s admirable and something that we all need to do to discover what is out in the world and learn how we can have an impact. As my fish friends taught me, you will never be alone because you have a whole team or “school” right beside you for support.

Put on your fins and jump into the murky water to start your journey and know that you aren’t alone, but it’s OK to feel like it from time to time.